Who We Are

In 2010 Green Umbrella Software was formed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Virginia with a focus on providing high quality software engineering services to meet the needs of the various federal government agencies at honest prices. Green Umbrella Software is a certified federal contractor and is registered in the federal government's System for Award Management (SAM).
Green Umbrella Software is dedicated to our country and understands that we serve at the pleasure of the citizens of this great nation. Without an employed base of citizens, we would not get the funding required to keep us supporting this country. That is why every piece of company gear, from lanyards and pens to polos and jackets, is made in the United States of America by a citizen of this nation. As much as it is our duty to provide cost saving efficiencies to the federal government, it is our duty to help ensure a stable working population and support manufacturing in the United States of America.
At Green Umbrella Software we believe in an educated staff. This not only allows the company to provide great value to our customers but provides our employees the ability to expand their skills to achieve their own personal goals. Unlike larger companies, this is why we offer yearly training reimbursement to each of our employees. It is an individual allotment of funds and each employee is expected to take at least one training course or other education opportunity per year. We will continue to invest in our staff to ensure their happiness and our value to our customers.